Sturling provides challenge and excitement for people of all ages on an equal and competitive basis, and in a
social atmosphere. It is appropriate for people with physical disabilities such as knee, back, heart, shoulder,
elbow, wrist, hip, ankle, or foot problems, or just simply advanced age. The rocks can be handled with a
curling stick from a standing or sitting position (i.e. wheelchairs), or the usual slide delivery can be used,
enabling everyone to participate competitively. Sturling is the next step in the evolution of what has been called
stick curling (previously push broom curling).

For benefits of this game, see the articles "Sturling -- the latest rage", and "The Benefits of Sturling".

The purpose of this web site is to endorse and support development of the game of sturling. We hope to do this
through communication of relevant happenings (let us know what's new in your area!), posting of rules that can
be used consistently in all locations, tips to help in running events, and our opinion regarding equipment and
best technique.
We have come to the realization that players using the stick can be competitive with slide curlers, and there is
no need for the rule
requiring use of the stick. This restriction is an unnecessary divisive force in many curling
clubs (them vs. us). There are plenty of advantages to the two-person team game to appeal to slide curlers
without any physical limitations, and get us all playing together. Whereas the stick tends to help those with a
poor slide delivery to improve their game, it is not such an advantage to higher level curlers so we can all be on
a more equal competitive level.

Now, with slide curlers taking part, the name 'stick curling' is obviously not appropriate. Sturling was chosen to
represent 'S'tick or 'S'lide delivery, 'T'wo-person team, c'URLING'. It is a shorter name, which is a good thing
when it comes to promotion, and also has the advantage of being a made-up word (something commonly done
in the commercial world) to avoid infringing on other's rights and to generate interest.

See the article "STURLING -- What's That?"
I'm sure we've missed some locations because we haven't heard that you have 2-person team curling. If your rink
is one of them, we'd appreciate your contacting us and letting us know, so we can add you to our records.