This section contains lots of personal opinions, but if you're familiar with curling you should be used to that!
Especially when it comes to technique and strategy, there must be almost as many opinions as there are
curlers! However, here is our opinion about equipment.
This is probably going to be your toughest decision regarding equipment. Your choice of stick should be
based on what function and design features you require. Each brand of stick is different so do your research
before you purchase a stick. A list of functions and features that you may find important are listed below:
-- Delivery of the Stone (All sticks will help you deliver a stone, but not all are equal);
-- Moving a stone using pushing and pulling motions to move stones around the ice surface;
-- Stopping a stone before the tee line if debris is felt under the stone;
-- Being able to dislodge debris by rapidly twisting the handle of the stone, if debris is picked up after the
tee line and before the first hog-line; and
-- Variable length of stick. A stick of adjustable length should be considered so that the player can
chose their preference in stick length. A stick of variable or adjustable length is also convenient for
storage and transport.
MANY brooms are commercially available in most sporting good stores, and very much a personel
If you've been curling for years on a slider, and are still comfortable with that, fine -- carry on. After all, it
does take less energy to move around on a slider. But, if you are not comfortable with that, or are just
starting out, we recommend a good quality curling
gripper on both feet. Curling grippers slip on over any
comfortable shoes, and make moving around on ice very easy; or there is the type that permanently attaches
to your shoes.

One thing to be emphasized about footwear -- keep it clean. Every little bit of dirt and debris that gets on the
ice detracts severely from the game of curling.
Gloves provide protection for the hands and insulation from the cold. We recommend a good pair of curling
gloves, with good grip, preferably leather.
Comfort is the objective, but of course style may be part of your goal? Temperature is a consideration as it
is generally cool on the ice surface, but in sturling you are essentially always in moderate motion. Dress
comfortably and for temperatures of approximately 0C or 32F.