"I have been going out to quite a few schools with our curling Rox program and at one of the stations I
implemented stick curling. The reason for this was that we had a girl with cerebral palsy in a wheel chair and
wanted to show that even people in wheel chairs could curl. She had so much fun. And some of the teachers
had quit curling due to injuries etc and they tried the stick as well. I also told them about sturling and how it is
set up. They were very receptive and most had never heard of it before so I sent them to the web site. I will do
what I can to promote this sport."…Shannon
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This site was originally created by Garry Sherman
"Our sturling spiel was a resounding success. We had all ages from 9 to 80. Everyone had a great time."
The original reason Sturling was started was to bring together stick, slide, and wheelchair curlers in friendly,
fun competition, under a unique, unambiguous name. It was intended to remove and avoid the discrimination
and animosity that had developed particularily between some stick and slide curlers.

As the following table illustrates, two-person team curling is rapidly fragmenting into different games with a
variety of rules. Even within particular named types, specific clubs sometimes add their own particular
deviations. Of course, each of those starting each different version has their own preference, but it is not
advantageous to the game as a whole, and to the vast majority of participants, to have such differences. Those
who travel to take part in two-person team curling can never be sure what rules they'll encounter. Also, those
who might like to try the sport won't know what to expect in their area, or at their club, or whether it will be what
they may anticipate. Promotion of competition of greater scope is hindered. Standardization would be highly

Most forms use 6 rocks, and play 6 ends. The majority do not restrict delivery style (stick or slide), and even in
the stickcurling.ca website survey, the majority preferred allowing the slide delivery. Those games that require
movement from end to end have a very obvious drawback, eliminating so many participants and increasing the
length of the game, and for a highly dubious advantage. There is a novelty to the various versions, but it would
be beneficial in the longer term to adopt the most logically based, well thought out configuration of the game,
that has been sufficiently tested and accepted, and to promote it as widely as possible.
"We have had several tournaments with both stick and regular curlers competing against each other. These
have been a lot of fun and those who have played can't wait for the next event."…Lynn
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"Excluding sliders seems rude to me."…Harvey
Thanks for your comments - here are a few of them:
"Sturling: great concept, keep up the good work."…Marco.

"I enjoyed the informative telephone conversation, and the e-mails that you sent out. I now realize that we
wouldn't be able to do too much with just stick curlers, but that any combination of two person teams, would
work. This has great potential, and I hope it takes off in our area."…Bill
"Sturling...stick AND slide. The majority felt that there was really no advantage to either, just a level of skill that
has to be achieved no matter which way you deliver a rock."...Diane
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"The more exclusive the club, the fewer members you will have. It is my understanding that what we do is
sturling and that means stick, slide, wheelchair. I think we have to provide the different opportunities to
The STURLING Crusade
"About 10 days ago one of our nearly 90 year old curlers came to me and said that he is not able to play the
regular curling game anymore as it is just too much for him. But he said that only curling Sturling on
Tuesday was not enough so would it be possible to also play on Thursday which is our other regular curling
day. I said sure. I put up a sheet so curlers could put their name down for Sturling on Thursday and within a
week we had 24 names that wanted to curl on Thursday. We will now have 12 teams on Tuesday and 12
Teams on Thursday."...Doris
"As with most clubs, we need to get people into the building and Sturling was the ideal way to do it. The
information in the Sturling website was excellent and helped a lot."…Dave